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Mill Studies

Improve your bottom line with this collection of research that offers hard data to boost mill efficiencies.

Research topics range from the technical and financial advantages of different cotton types in various stages of the process, to dye uptake, the impact of fiber quality and more. All courtesy of COTTON USA™, the only organization in the world conducting this kind of scientific research. Fill out a contact form to see how we can apply these learnings to your business.

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U.S. Cotton Outperforms Competitors

Experiments at a spinning mill in Asia prove that greater durability brings greater value.

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U.S. Cotton Saves 7 Cents per Pound

After knitting, dyeing, and finishing, U.S. Cotton was less expensive than competitors.

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A Spinning Mill Finds a New Favorite Cotton

A growing spinning mill in Asia finds that U.S. cotton saves money with lower operating costs.

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Mill Studies Save Time and Money Testing Procedure at Turkish Mill

At a Turkish mill, our consulting team identifies and fixes problems to boost savings.

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