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1:1 Mill Consults

Discover innovative techniques that can reduce operational costs by 10% to 25% with this best-in-class consultancy program.

Customized to your mill’s unique needs, a 1:1 Mill Consult brings one of our Mill Experts right to your business. Either virtually or on-site, our experts will be by your side during a one-day, in-depth mill examination followed by a Field Service that can last one or two full weeks. You’ll receive preliminary findings, respectively identified areas of possible improvements after the one-day Technical Mill Survey, and solutions at the end of the Field Service. An end-of-visit report with more detailed results and recommended practices will follow two to four weeks later. After six months, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to check whether the measures implemented show the results you expected. Fill out a contact form to get started.

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Virtual Mill Doctor®

Using Microsoft Remote Assist technology, our Mill Experts can visit your operation without physically being there. You or our representative will livestream footage from your factory to our technical experts, who will then provide customized ideas and recommendations that can result in more efficiency and lower costs.

A Complimentary Offering

Field services are complimentary for COTTON USA™ licensees with a U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® membership. Complete the form below to sign up for a free technical survey today.

Proven Cost Savings

You'll not only gain the knowledge of the world's leading cotton technical team, you could realize operational savings from 10% to 25%.

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