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The Cotton That Mills Trust

The most trustworthy cotton.

Tata Group has trusted U.S. cotton for more than 15 years. Mill owner Shahid Anwar Tata chooses COTTON USA™ because every bale is tested, quality is guaranteed, and our cotton provides a better spinning consistency.

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More Consistent Laydowns

COTTON USA™ is 100% classed for 100% peace of mind.

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Virtually Contamination-Free

Innovative and 100% mechanized harvesting result in cleaner cotton.

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Better, Stronger Fiber

Computerized ginning techniques help maintain fiber integrity.

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In their own words

Mill Owner Perspectives

Meet innovative spinning mill representatives from around the world and discover the difference COTTON USA™ has made for their businesses.

Matin Chowdhury

Malek Spinning Mills, Bangladesh

Anees Mahmood Khawaja

Mahmood Group, Pakistan

Shafiqul Islam Sarker
Purbani Group, Bangladesh

For Mills Hero

Finding Profits in the Process.

Tran Yen Linh explains how tailored advice garners next-level gains.

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Identify Problems and Boost Profits

Maximize your mill’s profitability with 1:1 Mill Consults.

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Master the Latest Techniques

With COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®, you’ll learn the latest best practices. Increase your operation’s efficiency with offerings like our Mill Studies, Mill Mastery Course, and more.

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The true value of U.S. cotton

What is the true value of U.S. cotton? Textile expert, Roger Gilmartin, conducted a new study to find out. U.S. cotton’s superior processing performance during this study gave it an 18 cent per-pound advantage over Brazilian cotton and a 64 cent per-pound advantage over West African cotton.

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Yarn Your Partners Can Depend On, Too

The high quality of COTTON USA™ lets you keep your promises to your supply chain partners.

Everyone knows you have to start with quality to end up with quality. That’s why so many spinning mills choose COTTON USA™. You’ll get yarn that knits without needle breakage. Fabric that dyes consistently. And ultimately, manufacturing and brand/retailer partners that are happier because they know that what they spec is what they’ll get.

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Build your business by connecting with companies around the globe.

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Get the Mark

COTTON USA™ supports partners with tangible benefits.

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